Staying Current

The Original Site, Editions and Blog

With the launch of Lubie Love – The Movie in 2009, owners of a DVD were to be able to easily navigate the site as the DVD menu mirrored the website and blog.  Having a unified, seamless user experience was an obvious necessity. So too was the “hype” surely to be found through mobile marketing and social media (Facebook & Twitter).



The site was laid out with a FLASH, NHRA drag racing navigation.  Upon launch, the soundtrack music played in the background while a visitor selected more.   That was until the site was hacked.

The Fine Art experience of Lubie Love was broken into 3 categories: Theater and Performance; DVD editions and Digital Delivery only.


The first had 3 screenings and 2 live performances.   The DVD release contained 36 signed, numbered and unique element DVDs.   Digital delivery, currently the only way to experience and acquire the film, was released for On-demand and download via Amazon.

The original blog was hosted at WordPress.  Its archives range from 2009 to 2015.

Lively Events

Photo by Neal Ulevich at Gallery M, April 22, 2009.

Photo by Neal Ulevich at Gallery M, April 22, 2009.

Through three launch screenings and “hype” events, the audience was encouraged to engage the film and the online community.

RED BULL provided the screening “energy” as everyone in attendance gained wings at minute 52 of the film.

While social media and blogging were relatively foreign to most – the hope was to encourage the mediums use.   Doing so would meet an objective to out market the “movie marketing machine.”  You know, the classic David vs Goliath mentality that gives start-up’s in all industries such zeal for the unknown before them.

Laughably, the social nature took another 5 solid years before most had figured out what to share.

From 2009-2015, the site was flash enabled.  As technology evolved quickly the main site became a target of an online attack, so much so that the video links were redirected to non-relevant sources.  (For those thinking conspiracy from Big Oil or Uncle Sam, while possible, the actual perpetrators were linked to those found of Edward Snowden techniques).   The quick migration away from desktop to mobile, and the fight between Apple and Adobe’s dominance for the end user, also made the Flash site model obsolete.   The irony of course is that our vehicles evolve at a fairly fast rate too when competition exists.

The updated site that you are now on ideally features the content that is useful and to the point.

Here are a few entries from the Lubie Love blog archives.

Travel Challenged?

Sticker shock – Shocker! In 2009 and throughout the years, this site has documented the energy debate. The supply shortage and post-pandemic response should have been expected. The media wants you to believe it is an instant and rapid change. The only change that should occur is that of the individual consumer. Alternatives are abound and should be relied upon.