For the past 7 years, I have not just written about consumer choice, but actually put my words to action. Your purchase of LUBIE LOVE – The Movie is a reflection of this action. Thank you.

Today, in America, consumers are being fed a huge amount of political trash. Consumers are being asked to spend their hard earned dollars on political candidates who frankly will never vote in your or my interest. These are candidates lead by party politics more prone to throwing you out if you opted to speak at a town hall/party “rally.”   See below for how each party likes to restrict free speech in our Democracy today.

You work hard for every dollar earned. It is a mistake when your voice is not properly heard. For this reason, vote daily through your consumption habits.


American Made Telsa Model X

Vote American always – if you like. If you believe that America is creating the best products across all categories, buy only American made products. Ask if you are unsure of a product’s origin. Do the research. Become an informed consumer. Impact yourself first to impact others.

If you believe that oil funds terrorism, reduce and try to stop consuming oil based products. Unlike 20 years ago, we have new technologies that enable each and everyone of us to lower our consumption of oil. America’s security depends on strategically using oil as we power our way to a more efficient, technologically advanced economy.

Spend your money on products that are tied to causes you believe and want to support. Doing so, will send a properly counted vote every time you spend.

Make no mistake, today’s party leaders will understand their power is limited when their funding runs out.

Example of Clinton Campaign blowing it:



Example of Trump Campaign blowing it: