Under The Hood


Relocating for a job is never fun – unless it’s for something or someone you love. “Lubie Love” is the story of one trucker, one love, one country – addicted to oil.

That’s A Wrap

When this fine art documentary wrapped up its initial shoot in 2005, the hybrid game was starting to rumble. By 2009, the auto industry was holding the biggest bag of bolts it had ever had.  The marketing, the design, the complete premise was up for competitive grab.  Countries, not merely one company, were adjusting the playing field in the name of the environment. As “Lubie Love” details, options in the United States that were viable alternatives required more bang for the buck – and required consumers willing to spend those dollars on viable, stylish options.



Today’s options that are viable are:

  • Electric-Plugin Hybrids
  • Electric
  • Natural Gas
  • And the most common, least cost effective, The Gas-Powered Hybrid


Share your insight into why each of these will win the alternative battle. Keep in mind that Willie Nelson’s bus is no longer in service – as it was too difficult to find fuel stations.  #lubielove @lubielove