Can't Travel:

At the onset of the Pandemic, lock down meant low oil consumption and low gas prices at the pump.  The summer of 2022 has every aspect of the media highlighting how painful the price gauging has become.  What they fail to acknowledge is: Consumers have alternatives.  Consumers can choose not to be raked over the coals by misguided government policies and corporate maximization at the consumer’s expense.  How does the consumer make a change?  First, realize that the pain is too much.  Then change – for your wallets do not have to suffer as the news would have you think.  Working from home meant less unnecessary travel.  Work from anywhere means work from a place that minimizes your need for unnecessary journeys.   Work from home means pick a home that is right for your desired lifestyle.    While the Earth will thank you, you should start first by thanking yourself.  Otherwise, stories like that featured by Gallup and The Hill will continue to resonate.

Take a look for yourself courtesy of The Hill.