The 66 minute film raises awareness to energy issues Americans’ faced and face.  The challenge: Doing something productive about it today.  All who watch get “wings” at minute 52.

The Drive

The art of this fine art film shared the historic influences of places like Tribeca Cinemas and The Odeon.

Inspired from a cross country love affair, documentary film maker and fine art gallery owner Mason Hayutin,  in conjunction with Peck Slip Studios, set the tone on a much larger phenomenon at the time: the difficult choice to buy green or buy bling.

Ethanol, natural gas, bio-diesel, electric and hydrogen are all near or close to production alternatives today – at least that’s what the commercials tell you. In just 2 short years (2003 to 2005), the price to drive across the country practically doubled: Hayutin’s initial East bound trip went from $500 to keep his unleaded rental truck’s tank full to $800 going West. While $300 dollars may be minor to some, an almost 40% increase caught Hayutin’s attention.    In 2008, we all know gas was out of control. And, beyond 2008, oil alternatives clearly have environmental support but what about the facts?
Americans have choices that are fuel efficient without sacrificing convenience.   What a difference 10 years can make.
Throughout the movie, Hayutin asks both from behind the camera and from behind a trucker’s wheel “challenging” questions of many Americans (yes everyday folks and experts in the field). The story comes to a resounding answer on why we are not just in love with our vehicles but how we are actually addicted to the great American love affair of driving at all costs.

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The Community

The drive to ween consumers off of harmful energy sources is not an independent effort.  The community found on Lubie Love is broad – as oil is just one means to a more efficient, productive and safe community.

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The Music

The original sound track was provided by Los Angeles based singer and song writer, Ryan Saliman.   Whispering Wind and Take Flight Girl were two of the tracks that made it onto the film.   Ryan and Mason collaborated for the Tribeca Cinema screening and that held at George Washington University where Saliman performed at both venues live.


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