The environmental seriousness demonstrated by a far off virus gone rouge worldwide is Mother Nature saying hello. Humanity has a responsibility to both planet and fellow beings: consume consciously could be interpreted as her voice.

Livelihoods are not just at risk with a global virus. The seriousness was punctuated by the price of crude oil. In the shock of the early 70s, countries fell victim to OPEC gouging. Today’s economic crisis joined the health crisis because of opportunists.

Oil’s price impacts most financial decisions as long as oil remains the dominant resource for fuel and product development. American companies funded privately and, at times because of government support, were able to build viable products purchased by consumers. Tesla, the leading American electric car manufacturer, has developed such a superior technology that other companies have realized how inferior their products are. Analysts and investors, like ARK Investments, claim Tesla is at least 6 years ahead of its competitors globally. Without oil falling in price, alternatives like Tesla would be close to unsubsidized market-driven vehicles. Private vs public transportation is now one of the surest ways for citizens to maintain their independence and health. Unfortunately, the public impact on the environment continues to be overlooked when oil is artificially or politically priced. Make your next vehicle purchase/lease count. Choose domestically made environmentally positive vehicles.