His large, overweight portrait of American Capitalism is on the screen again. That’s right America’s number 1 plagiarist in film making is trying to prove that he loves America so much that Capitalism – A love affair is suppose to make a significant difference in your life.

The fact is, as is shown in the documentary film LUBIE LOVE – The Movie – consumers’ free choice is the Capitalist-
Democratic way in America. If the product is great, the product will be bought. If the services are great, the services will be bought. Yet when the consumer – be it with a box of oranges or with a late night diet program on TV – votes in Capitalism they do it because they have free will, found something at the right price and “buy it now”. Yes we might make bad choices – but Capitalism advocates that demand for a product or service rises because of its pure function to the buyer. Capitalism is somewhat indifferent to the education of the consumer – advertising is used as consumer education of course.

So too is a film. When you see either documentary films – and buy a ticket, DVD or download, remember that manufacturers or small business can only succeed if the product created meets the consumers’ needs and wants. If the need is fabricated or “manufactured” – like say the government’s “marketing” that everyone has a right to own a home or it’s approval to keep Detroit in business despite it’s terrible products – then by all means go see the most overweight, tired film maker Michael Moore in his “love story” Capitalism. And Mike – LUBIE looks forward to your review.