Basha's Truck from Lubie Love - The Movie

Truckers honor 911 in Lubie Love – The Movie. Photo Credit:Copyright © Mason Hayutin, 2005

Have we learned anything over the past 11 years regarding energy.  O’ Yah!  It’s the central force behind a global posturing in both business and politics.  The auto bailout brought us not only saved jobs that should have disappeared Adam Smith style.  It brought us a greatly improved CAFE average.  We are now able to select a host of automobiles which on average can hit 35 MPG.   Yet the top 1% revel in the fact that their average MPG in luxury models maybe, just maybe yields 20 MPG for Yukons, Range Rovers, Beamers and Maybachs.

Energy experts including Boone have lost millions on alternatives.  The push for domestic only energy is a rock solid idea.  Unfortunately the propensity of employees and employers is to disregard safety for short term gains.  Natural gas, discovered and extracted poorly will quickly turn communities and ultimately the country into an environmental wasteland.  Big rigs – like the those featured in Lubie Love – The Movie should be on Natural Gas today.  Only if NG can be delivered guaranteed clean.

Having a job that has no future is not what American’s need.  Digging ditches just to fill them right back up might be work – but definitely the policy doesn’t advance the worker or society.  Educating and retooling does.  Knowledge accurately shared, benefits us all.  As we honor the fallen, as we stand together, we should advance the debate on energy in the simplest most direct process possible: consume only products that work and politics will shift very quickly.  The need to wait two or four years to throw the bums out will follow your vote at the register expeditiously, accurately and fast!