So how’s y0ur neighborhood growing?   When America gentrifies it has a few options to do so.   Call the mover or DIY. Those over at Yahoo, Business Insider and the like, have found the perfect graphic courtesy of ===.   Since you may be human vs. a computer, take a look at this visual.

Business Insider points out 10 top cities people hauled junk to

The 2014 Top Yellow States.    Courtesy Penske via Business Insider

The evidence in the past 4 years ranks 10 cities with the most migration.   What the Penske 2014 graphic shows is where those driving themselves are moving.   The 2014 top 10 cities with Penske moves – the competitive nature of things allows Budget and U-Haul to have their own rankings – are:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Tampa
  3. Dallas
  4. Orlando
  5. Phoenix
  6. Houston
  7. Seattle
  8. Chicago
  9. Denver
  10. Las Vegas

What would be interesting to know from all those who flocked to Atlanta:  “Did you get 9 miles to the gallon of gas or were you finally able to choose an alternative like Natural Gas?”

For those who can not or are not buying Natural Gas: “Did you move because the water in your back yard was on fire?”  Or more important, “Was your new home built with a pristine water supply?”

For those not in the “Green” camp: “Did you have the ability to move from a Cold state to a Warm state because the increase in US energy production has afforded you new opportunities that will better your family’s future?”

What ever your answer, ensure that you have the energy to fuel another day.  The best option for your neighborhood depends on your neighborhood’s natural resources.

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