For those driving the venerable SUV to and fro – like a 2007 Nissan Murano, here is what the official mileage-ratings are:

Yet Cavet-Emptor: These numbers seemed skewed compared to actual drivers results. Our test vehicle in LUBIE LOVE – The Movie keeps on proving that even the foreign makes benefit from government sampling. The actual variance in gas pricing, user habits (bad and good), whether tested in the mountains or at sea level all compound the differences.

What are the differences? 19 miles/gallon is the average per and 16.7 is 2nd year average for our test vehicle.

The actual size of the tank: brand new, the 2007 Murano had 264 miles to a tank rather than the number of 371. Are we mistaken that a 30% difference in fuel economy is acceptable? Maybe Madoff accounting can attest for the discrepancy.

The average cost to fill her up is $59.16/tank or annually averaging almost $2500. Of course the savings in fueleconomy’s number means you would have more buckos for them nachos and large big gulps as you spend nearly 3.6 visits to your neighborhood gas station each month.

Can’t wait for the accuracy behind those new claims of 34 miles to the gallon.