cnbc_teslaIn a CNBC interview Chairman and electric vehicle pioneer Elon Musk defended his firm’s use of the US Tax code.  Specifically he pointed out the amount of similar incentives provided to the major oil and gas producers to achieve their success to date.   While electric has yet to take over the mass market, the future possibility of the shift from oil to electric is on the rise.   Musk’s remarks were in direct response to how the Los Angeles Times chose to pinpoint Tesla and Solar City’s use of tax abatements and select subsidies to ensure the alternative energy resource could be competitive to oil.    While the article was independently written, Musk properly equated the biased article to “The Best PR” that the oil industry could have ever received.   Musk’s comment on the life or death of an industry, specifically oil powered vehicles, has merit.   Should his or a similar company perfect the range anxiety and infrastructure problems needed to support electric vehicles, society could abandon oil powered vehicles as fast as the shift occurred from Blackberry to iPhones.