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With another father’s day passed, the father of the American auto industry bailout is being honored. Chrysler’s “leader” of the K car is being honored as the “father of the Mustang”. The Iacocca Silver edition is limited in nature and the price unannounced. But this is to honor a robust and distinguished leader in America’s auto business. Iacocca has put “fun”, “desire” and “wow” supposedly back on the street with the “worlds largest selling” Ford Dealer over the past 19 years.

The trick here is will California still have streets to allow this vehicle to rumble on it’s supercharged, likely shitty mileage, gas thirsty custom engines that the venture is calling an exclusive “work of art”?  Does it amaze you as it does this marketing expert that the auto industry’s marketing is so refined that it still is employing “tried and true” strategy over “revolutionizing a message in a changed economy”?  Ford …or was it Chrysler…job one.  Of course, not to dis on Iacocca: he did lead the effort to log all of our fathers gloriously into Ellis Island and the rebirth of the Statue of Liberty.