In the next 24 hours, America will unload onto the masses a large float of auto stocks. The United States is licking it’s chops to recover it’s bailout funds of General Motors. Unlike Rick Wagner’s drive to Washington in 2008, the road show is over and the coffers are ready to brim with cash. The question is: Did the bailout create a better fleet of fuel efficient vehicles for consumers or just repackage oil power in better looking zils?

Global daily oil production today is 85 million barrels with 21 million barrels used in the United States. Only 5M is actually produced in the United States because we frankly do not have an increasing supply. As Americans, we now have to hold our government and corporations accountable for producing products that exude an amazing style and function exponentially better than before the bailout. Cars that only have 10 miles more to the tank than before the bailout is not an example of American corporate ingenuity.