As you may be aware by now, Egypt (and Yemen) are in revolt mode. Egypt is one of the top five countries to receive American foreign aid (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and Israel). The significance to all of our race fans – core inflation is running at 10% in Egypt. Food and gas however are excluded in core typically. Egypt is one of the largest importers of wheat in the world – and the last time I drove our countryside, we had a good fill of it. The choice of our farmers to harvest food oriented crops vs. crops bound for energy – mainly Ethanol – depends on US policy. It also depends on consumer demand for “Flex Fuel” vehicles.

In Colorado, the pumps have been glaring with “87” stickers since the 80s. When introduced, Ethanol refined gas was mostly used to ensure that Colorado’s air quality remained less polluted than without, specifically along the front range. Today, “87” and even “85” pumps line our country’s gas stations. It is typically the lowest priced option at the pump – but not the most optimal for performance drivers.

Additive aside, we can make a major difference for both our own economic and political stability but for countries impacted by hunger. The Detroit auto show, which just completed, presented a host of Electric vehicles geared for production in or around 2015. Choosing electric vs. ethanol prevents the further decay of food for energy vs. food for your own table. It would be unfortunate if the riots and exploits happening in far off lands like Egypt came to a neighborhood near you. Daily choices that we make have significance, especially when fueling our economy.

Here is what President Obama had to say on our position with Egypt.

American farmers and land owners should encourage, where appropriate, energy company involvement when focused on electric options. Wind is one of America’s most abundant resources and so too is the land shining under the sun. Foreign countries, most notably Saudi Arabia and China, have realized that Solar – not oil will define their future. Connecting our aging electrical grids throughout America with robust, modern facilities will change our economic destiny – one that appears bleak to some, to one that shines for all to benefit.

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