Today’s climate worries are more than justified.  How we as part of a global society chose to deal with the fears for our planet will be telling.  As was the basis for the film and this site, revealing truthful facts about our dependence on the automobile, and those powered by oil, remains imperative today.  The need to exist in modernity means we should find a way to store oil for essentials.  New technology has enabled consumers alternatives to oil-dependent items.  In a 2018, the United Nations released a climate change study, reported by CNN.  The impacts will be devastating by 2030 (10 1/2 years from today).  

Climate Change can best be curbed by reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.   This includes removing the current effects of the automobile.

In their reporting, CNN gave examples of how other actions can be just as useful as removing cars from our roads.  And because modernity requires convenience, productivity and efficiency, the alternatives are worthy to understand.

  1. Manage Refrigeration Chemicals = 629 Million Cars
  2. Install Onshore Wind Turbines = 593 Million Cars
  3. Cut Down on Food Waste = 495 Million Cars
  4. Eat more plants and less meat = 464 Million Cars
  5. Restore our Tropical Forests = 429 Million Cars

The hazardous effect of 629 Million automobiles is equivalent to simply controlling how items are made and consumed.


For Americans, the choices are: reduce dependence on the automobile or consume better products.  Approximately 350 million Americans have to ask:  Can 2 car households reduce their dependence on the car or is it easier to upgrade their selection of other items like a climate worthy refrigerator or power generated by Wind?

As has been advocated since 2009, the choice should be driven by the educated consumer and reinforced by smart, accurate and reliable government policies.  The media plays a crucial point in ensuring the choices are accurately presented to both the American and global populations.