For all those climate deniers out there, specifically, those who love to vacation in America’s great ski resorts, this story is for you. While world climate change is on the rise, Colorado ski resorts have been scrambling to make – and keep snow. Ski country should normally be open about this time.  Traffic should be coming to a standstill on the highways winding through the Rockies.   The abnormally hot temperatures in Colorado have caused the Summit area resorts to postpone opening day.

According to The Summit Daily:

Near-record highs and very little snowfall have been the story of October and November in Colorado. On Oct. 22, Arapahoe Basin became the first ski area in North America to open for the season before a rash of temperatures in the 40s and 50s put a damper on snowmaking at Loveland Ski Area, Keystone, Breckenridge and other resorts across the state. On Nov. 7, Loveland Ski Area announced it will open with a top-to-bottom run on Nov. 10.

The facts could not be clearer that a depleted Ozone and attention NOW to our environmental actions are needed.   I for one believe that the environment ebbs and flows.  Yet for my lifetime of 47 years, the snowline in Colorado has been receding further and further each year.  Reducing our carbon footprint is an extremely useful thing especially if it allows us to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors like skiing.   To read the full article, visit: The Summit Daily.