Well Trucking fans – American Industry has finally been given a big boost by Uncle Sam – it seems the DC elite forced an economic coup d’etat on General Motors CEO, Mr. Please Please himself – Rick Wagoner. The irony here is that GM started putting it’s old guard like Mr. Lutz out to pasture at the turn of the new year.

Innovation vs. status quo has been their obvious lack of expertise. To be fair, they simply were responding to the “demands” of the American car buying public. When demand stopped, these two “titans” simply were left with nothing to offer. So seems to be the case over at their Detroit neighbors.

Keep in mind LUBIE LOVE fans, choosing a fuel efficient vehicle is only possible when there are options at each price point.  And per Bob Lutz, CO2   is not the arguement – it’s about domestic sources of fuel.   These are the narrow thoughts that allowed the Big Three to squander one of the country’s proudest industries.  Of course this is one of the hot topics featured in LUBIE LOVE – The Movie.