2009 GMC Sierra Hybrid: A few jolts, lots of volts – MarketWatch

GMC is one of the few remaining brands that the government has approved for “extended life support.”  Of course changing a company’s ways through bankruptcy should typically be an “Aah Hah” moment.  Something like: Gee – this didn’t work in pre-bankruptcy land, how is it going to work in the new economic reality?

Yet with this great gas to electric Hybrid example, GM has kindly found a way to convince a “unbiased” researcher at Market Watch to claim “it’s not so bad” that a 2009 model vehicle truck gets a paltry 18 miles to the gallon.  Either the reporter is on the take or he is simply oblivious to owning something that is “good”.  If this is what GMC plans on offering the rural consumer as an alternative – quickly email the bankruptcy judge in Manhattan to pull the plug on the planned restructuring.  MARKET WATCH should watch the MARKETS WORK.