Howard Schatz' Envy - I Love Me at

Reflection can definitely be telling – as this Howard Schatz photograph clearly reveals.

A $1.85 at the pump!!  What is not to love?   The gouging that has had the consumer bent over at the pump  for at least five years has been broken.  The message in the oil markets today is “lower demand compounded with over supply is garnering lower oil prices.”

While politics is at play, the consumer has partially changed.  The consumer can spend or save  elsewhere with more in our pocket – especially if one has a hybrid.   The potential for our government though is to slack off on formulating a diversified, domestic focused energy plan.

Unlike 10 years ago, vehicles are more capable – lighter, stronger and energy efficient.   Habits in America and elsewhere have drastically changed the current energy landscape to the point that foreign energy does not have to be America’s main import.   Boone Pickens continues the right message for first a diversified energy plan in America and, with his self interest in mind, a focus on Natural Gas.  As has been the stance since the first post here,  love yourself by buying the most reliable, alternatives that are available.  Your action will be rewarded by admiration and of course self-respect.   The ripple effect will be a consumption driven message to politicians demanding further action.