An open reply to the multitude of youth – and their parents – focused on saving the earth and curtailing climate change.


Proudly you walk in peaceful protest. Proudly you walk with a fresh perspective. Proudly you ponder a better tomorrow.


You march in with purpose yet fail to realize how you spent your allowance.   Did you power up your twitter account today paying your own utility and cell phone bill? Did you create the technology that will support the frail power grid in your own backyard?   Did you guide your own network of family and friends to think about their use of “dirty” fuels before taking you to the group meetup at your school, at your place of worship or at your local organizer’s meeting spot?


Did you refuse to jump into your parents mini-van who took you to soccer or dance class?   Did you help your parents make better choices by driving a tax subsidized vehicle vs. one that allowed you to have a roof over your head and food on your table?


Better to ask: While you walk in the streets, did your hard earned dollars go toward the causes that you now preach?   If not, take the opportunity to correct your own actions before calling out others failing to act.   If you did, congratulate yourself for a few moments.   Breath the fresh air in your home and above your head. Reflect before you accuse.   Contribute to the solution by being the solution.


Should you agree, set aside 66 minutes of your day to honor what you now preach. Here is the link.   Keep on Trucking in making a positive difference today.  Earth Day is in April.  March is luckily today.