On March 4, 2020, the world was contending with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. On April 22, 2020, the world, interconnected and interdependent, can uniformly restart our economic engines together.


The “Essential Business” concept is just not appropriate for all world citizens. Each of our way of life, livelihood, matters. These are “essential” to you and to me. However, Earth is the only thing that is truly essential.

Technology has made previously reasonable methods of living simply unsustainable. With business and school closures, less travel is possible and needed. The precious air that we all share is now clean. The waterways are not congested. The factories are slowing to a light idle. Employees are supposed to rest at home. The opportunity is to recharge and retool – minds, knowledge and family bonds.

Health is everyone’s priority. COVID-19 has infected all of us with awareness. A realization that without the ability to breathe we can not function at an optimal level – self, work, play. Downtime, a simple concept, is hard for most.

MOST do not have money in the bank. MOST do not have clean access to electricity, water, nutrient-rich foods and the essentials for healthy living. We have been living by an unsustainable standard. COVID-19, coronavirus. proves it.


With shutdowns, streets are not clogged. Local travel has been reduced to necessities. Necessities for you are different though then those for me. In America, the land of the free, majority demand drives the meaning of necessity. On Earth, mother nature realigns and selects.

Science with technology will cure this and other illnesses. Humanity – through governments – are buying all of us time. Preventing the virus in the first place could have saved not just lives but livelihoods. Lessons are hard especially when life and death is at hand.

FIRST STEPS: Alternatives

The First Steps have already begun. Economic alternatives are working and in place for everyone.

  • Increase in efficient travel.
  • Shift to loved ones virtually and ultimately in reality.
  • Shift in Consumption Habits
  • Shift from mass markets to individualized delivery from smaller footprint retail locations.
  • Shift to safe gathering environments and venues for large public interactions
  • Shift to online experiences: schools, religious gatherings, business conventions

For health, office space and entertainment space can be repositioned. The $2 Trillion US stimulus package has accommodated Real Estate investors at risk according to Robert Reich’s @RBReich review of the package. To ensure markets do not allocate further funds to poorly planned real estate, consumers should SHIFT gears to online ordering.


As we sit in our homes, we have an excellent ability to try on items. We can do so when we set up our home-office to work correctly. “SHELTER-IN-PLACE (SIP)” now means you can prove your independence from the automobile of old. Tesla’s low impact, low footprint manufacturing model with both machine and human resources for production and minimal show floors for previewing is the right American shopping model.

SHELTER-IN-PLACE (SIP) now means home delivery can be both your shipping and receiving department for home and work. The 1 hour spent traveling to your office (perhaps more) can now be spent with your family or personally.

Online, “SHELTER-IN-PLACE” ensures you do your part to keep America Strong – and the global community. Your store order for food, medicine, clothing and the furniture and fixtures of your home becomes essential to the Fedex/UPS/USPS/Uber driver, the fuel station clerk, the Amazon warehouse worker, the Restoration Hardware retailer and the local restaurant providing your evening take-out. The morning coffee, a walk with the family or to see a friend (currently from 6 feet away), will keep the Peruvian coffee grove afloat as you settle into your home-work lifestyle.

Your APPLE TV, NETFLIX and PRIME accounts have already removed the American need to see a film in a theater. Your high-school son or daughter is now familiar with PS4 gaming and can even obtain a scholarship for digital gaming at a university. These skills and preferences lay at the heart of solving COVID-19.


The world races to find the vaccine. Computing and scientific power is our hope and our solution. Mother nature gave us this pandemic. She had warned us with Gray Whales beaching themselves or washing up along the shores of the ocean. She had warned us with the exponential melting in the arctic poles.

The air is clear while we sit inside. This is the first cure. The streams are less congested with pollutants from idle factors. The factories are now ready for your order. With each dollar spent going forward, you and I can speed our own survival by purchasing the right product that is healthy for you. Manufacturers have given us viable choices; we simply have to show them that the American Consumer – not the government – is able to make the change quickly and find the cure for pandemics of the future – and that facing us today.

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